Signed photos

Hey so I occasionally get requests for signed photos & other merchandise & aside from my worn panties I am selling 8×11 photos.

You can use the buttons on the right for ordering 8×11’s, if you’d like to buy one, customers in the USA can send $12 OR for International customers please send $16 to: orders AT kyliemariaDOTcom & include your address & what you would like signed on the photo otherwise I will just sign my name.


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3 Responses to Signed photos

  1. claudio brovelli says:

    hi Kylie i’m Claudio from Italy. I would like to order one of your panties. Can i choose the type of panties and colour? and can I have your picture with a dedication with you’re wearing those panties? Thank you Kylie, you are so beautiful!!


  2. Bob Stelk says:

    You are a very beautiful woman. I bet it was hard for you when you was younger that you didn’t know what you was supposed to feel like I love your pictures and going to buy some of your panties,do you take pictures of you wearing them and would you cum in them? Does that cost more?

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