TS Live!

Come play with me on TS Live!  I’m usually on around 4pm/7pm EST a few times a week.  If you follow me you on TS Live you can get an email notice when I log on and if you join my fan club you can see all the pics and videos too.


11 thoughts on “TS Live!

  1. Darrell

    Saw you on a cam site. I am originally from Philly. Now I am in Trenton. Hopefully we can meet up and party sometime.

  2. Kylie lover

    You are vert beautiful, i dont like so much cock on girl but I think you’re just thé more gorgeous woman I never see. I fap on you <3 <3 ans I am tour best fan love you <3 I have snapchat: bapt49400

  3. John

    You are the single hottest woman I have ever seen and your package is awesome. I have to be honest until I saw you on cam Vanity was the only TS I would watch now I can’t get you off my mind. Absolutely Beautiful

  4. glen hulse

    Kylie your beauty is breath taking u are sooooooo gorgeous hon love u xoxoxo from a very huge fan

  5. Alexander S Boney

    Congratulations for winning the 2016 AVN Award???. You look very good. I am to see your performance if not in New York maybe Las Vegas,NV.


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