How To Be Knotty

I was very fortunate and honored to be featured in the newest book by BDSM master, author, photographer & sex educator Lord Morpheus.

You can now order a copy at & you can learn more about Lord Morpheus at his official website

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  1. i have a “kylie fantasy” wherein i enter conservatorship of person and estate and kylie is either my conservator, or the prime appointee of my conservator. i would travel to LA to make this reality. i’m already once evacuated at UCLA Reagan. I will also release hippaa permission in advance, so they can communicate with DR. Leslie Davis (sovereign health) and Cindy Weathers (exodus), and Morning Star (diagnosed schizo/affective addict), and you can collude with them and meet ensure my total surrender. I want to be assured entirely that I Stay on the path to becoming what i am truly, a woman who needs to embrace her lust of penis, men, and flagrant ostentatious pride in the public acts of sexual delight thereof.. to wear make up, have breasts, dressing provocatively, seducing straight men and transexuals,joyfully basking is ostensible happiness always.

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