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Hey guys,

So I get lots of custom video requests from fans regularly & I have just recently started to offer this service. If you are interested in your own custom video simply email kylie at kyliemaria dot com with a detailed explanation of what you would like me to do in your video request & for what duration do you want the video to be. I charge a minimum of $50 if you want a cumshot in the video, or $40 for KylieMaria.XXX members, then additional cost will be based on your customization request & duration of the video.

I only accept certain custom requests. Basically if it is something I feel I can do & it is something I am comfortable with then I will accept your custom request & RESPOND to you as soon as I can on what the video will cost & where you can send payment. Please give me at least a week to do your video. All videos will have a small watermark on them to prevent these videos from being used without my permission. I will email the video via dropbox or google drive when it’s complete. Custom videos I record & edit myself either on my iMac or iPhone 6. They are not professionally shot videos in a studio or on set. If you want a customized PROFESSIONAL video that is possible depending on what you’d like done & will cost a lot more.

Thanks guys, look forward to working with you! <3 Kylie

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2 Responses to Custom video details

  1. Karl says:

    Hi Kylie,

    I was wondering if you could do a custom shoot wearing natural or tan color pantyhose and a stewardess uniform and some nice plain old fashion high heels black closed toe but not too high. And just show off your legs and heels and cock on the pantyhose.

    Thanks, Karl

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